Saturday, January 24, 2009

You shrunk my (male) model!

I'm not a supporter of anorexia, or anything like that.
I'm not the skinniest bitch ever, but i am quite observant. What I've been noticing lately is that the boys in the ads seem to be getting more and more horizontally challenged.

Whereas, just a few years ago, the hot shit was for guys to look like this, right?:

calvin klein male model Pictures, Images and Photos
Dolce & Gabbana model Pictures, Images and Photos

All big and Ken doll like. Some some lines are still doing this body type but the opposite is getting much more popular with the upscale.

Ha, I'm guessing for 2009, this is the new thing:


I'm not gonna lie, I find it kind of attractive, I do. Like I said before, I'm not pro-[m]anorexia or anything, but something about skinny boys with dark hair...I don't know why but it just looks good! My boyfriend's a skinny guy and I like it. Then again, in a way we should be ashamed of ourselves because these guys are starving themselves to get the bodies of 14-year-old boys. *sigh* Oh well... I mean, the girls have been going through the same shit for way longer. S'about time things evened out.

Maybe if they get lucky, small packages will come in too.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Do yourselves a favor, kiddies.

I'm so not one to preach but, babyyy, I think I was so right when I decided to stop eating meat products.

Here's a photo of Chicken McNuggets before they get all fried up and put in your Mcdonalds bag. It's called "mechanically separated" chicken.


Yummy, huh?

And then I was doing more research and I came across this delicious video on the making of hot dogs.


This is me. Serena M., a black girl from the city, now in the suburbs, awaiting her
entrance to legality three days from now.

I've got killer taste a bad attitude.

this is me



and this is the boy who keeps my heart beating


I've never fussed, cried, sweat so hard over anyone in my life.
I don't care about my mother as much.
Actually, she can suck it.